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Here we are introducing our line as one that is distinct and comes with a shopping experience just a bit different from other sites. The key aspect of this is we only carry one of each item: when they sell, they’re gone for good. So below we address a few key questions to help you navigate both the products and styles. If this guide doesn't answer your questions - shoot us a message on any of our social media channels.

With so much Love, Em & the Bali Babe Crew



Sizing Notes

Each piece in this collection is “one size fits” where the majority of the items are about a size medium if we must choose. That's safe to assume, but we’ll also do our best to indicate sizes in the drop down menus if a more appropriate size is applicable.

For your reference our product model's measurements: Bust 34" • Waist 27.5" • Hips 35" • Inseam 27"

The Nature of Hand Made

Each piece is hand sewn so there may be a loose thread here or there which you can always cut off - do not tear off as it may damage garment. There may also be slight irregularities in the stitching, due in part to them being hand sewn. Just like mother nature teaches, there is beauty in life's imperfections.


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Styling Each Piece

You can expect that we will only offer so many images per each individual piece. This said, they all style the same as others in it's category so take note as you check out an entire product's gallery. We've done our best to show different angles and viewpoints to display how they look and feel.

Take Care

A huge premise of our collection: each piece is hand made. So the best way to keep your new garment looking minty fresh is to be gentle. Consider this while you wear and when it's time to wash.

Hand Wash in Cold Water • Hang Dry • Steam for Best Results 🖤

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